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Brand strength on Amazon: How to stay ahead of the competition

Online marketplaces do not offer the creative freedom that your own website does. They come with various limitations that can restrict how your brand is presented within the space.

80% of searches on Amazon are generic, indicating that for the most part Amazon customers don’t tend to show brand loyalty when browsing the site.

Even if you are a household name brand, you can’t overlook the importance of producing strong product detail pages. If your products aren’t highly regarded by Amazon, then your rankings & advertising eligibility will suffer.


Protect Your Sales

On Amazon, you’re always only one click away from another brand poaching your sale. Competitors can place product ads on your detail pages, so strategically advertising on your own pages to retain your sales is always a good idea.


Strengthen your presence 

There are various ways to create a strong established brand presence on Amazon. For example, by promoting your new products on your established pages, you are retaining traffic around your brand, and directing customers to other products 

Advertising complementary products alongside other products in your range is also a great way of spreading traffic across your product range. By putting seasonal products and products with a promotion under the spotlight, you are maximising brand presence and getting the most out of the platform.


What do you actually need?

It’s a good idea to run some intermittent tests to see how effective your brand protection advertising actually is. If you’re spending big on brand protection but you don’t see many competitors appearing for your brand terms or on your product pages, then that budget may well be better spent elsewhere.


Be visible

Getting in front of the right people on Amazon is vital. Amazon’s Display targeting options are constantly improving, so make the most of Display functionality to ensure that this is happening. You want to cut through the noise and position your brand so that those who are most likely to want your product will see you.

One obvious way to do this is by running ad campaigns. For example, video campaigns give you a great opportunity to get across your brand personality and identity in an often restrictive online environment. DSP campaigns will further expand your reach, allowing you to target customers both on and off Amazon.


The Key to Success

The main thing to remember here is that Amazon is extremely competitive. Therefore you should not treat it any differently to how you would do marketing elsewhere, with a range of upper and lower-funnel marketing activity. You do not want to rely solely on your brand strength outside of Amazon. You should act as an entirely new business in order to maximise your potential within the marketplace.