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Why Amazon Advertising is so much more than just PPC

Making the switch from Google Ads to Amazon ads has been a relatively seamless transition for me, but there’s a few things I’ve picked up which prove how powerful advertising on Amazon can really be.

The golden rule

Amazon’s unique set up means your paid sales feed into how well your products organically rank in the long term. 


DON’T give up on your paid ads if they aren’t immediately profitable; DO play the long game. Use paid search as a tool to help you build up organic sales velocity.

Your ads are only as good as the product listing

Running Amazon ads is like running Google Shopping ads, but on steroids. With extremely crowded results pages, it’s tough to make your products stand out and engage a potential customer. 

This makes it absolutely essential to optimise your product listings with good imagery, titles, reviews, competitive prices & speedy delivery times (Prime is always recommended). Low on reviews? Use Amazon Vine to help. 

Align with the seller’s goals

Amazon ad campaigns need to be more commercially savvy in order to match the wider sales targets of the seller or vendor.

Know your stock, know your seasonal trends and make sure you push the appropriate offers at the right time of the year.

The last thing you want to do is advertise something which you can’t fulfil.

Take advantage of your competition

Tough competition? Why not redirect their traffic to your doorstep by advertising on their pages?

Although you can’t advertise on a competitor’s website, those rules don’t apply when it comes to their Amazon brand store or product pages.

Make Use of Increased Control

Google shopping matches products with search terms, but Amazon lets you match them with keywords, giving you much more control over which of your products appear and when.

On Google, it’s much harder to control which of your products would be served if someone searches for ‘cheap T shirts’ (without being very clever with negative keyword structuring). 

A granular account structure is key to getting the most out of your Amazon Ads performance.

Don’t see Amazon ads as just another form of PPC.

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