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16.09.21 Toby Doonan

What does the future of retail entail for brand advertising?

As the post-pandemic digital shift trends consolidate, consumer changes are here to stay. How are you preparing for the ‘phygital’ age?

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16.09.21 Robbie Decker

Brand strength on Amazon: How to stay ahead of the competition

80% of searches on Amazon are generic, indicating that for the most part Amazon customers don’t tend to show brand loyalty when browsing the site. So how can you stay ahead of the competition?

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08.09.21 Marc Lupton

Reached your threshold with Amazon’s restock limits? Try these 4 steps instead

Amazon’s recent introduction of restock limits has caused plenty of frustration to sellers, but there are some simple steps you can take to reduce the headache.

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24.03.21 Matthew Riddell

Amazon Launchpad: Are you ready for lift off?

Amazon Launchpad is a programme that helps innovative entrepreneurs and start-ups boost sales on Amazon by giving them access to exclusive benefits, in return for an additional 5% on top of their Category referral fee.

Here are our 6 tips for making the most out of it. 

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