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What does the future of retail entail for brand advertising?

As the post-pandemic digital shift trends consolidate, consumer changes are here to stay. The move towards a “phygital” economy, where digital and physical shopping experiences become synonymous, will change the way brands reach their customers.

The developments of the “home economy” have shifted traditional business models to a platform-based go-to market strategy, offering effective customer acquisition modes for the booming start-up market. 


What does this mean for Brand managers and Amazon Advertisers? 

You need to effectively reach your customers. Amazon Advertising allows you to position your business exactly where it needs to be so that you’re found by those who need you. With 51% of Post Pandemic Purchases are made on online marketplaces, you need to ensure that you are set up to make the most of your online presence. 


The Reach of Amazon

Amazon currently holds a 54% market share of customer product searches topping Google. This places you right at the start of the customer’s buying journey, and ensures that you can rise above competitors that haven’t taken the necessary steps.


Go Beyond

Amazon’s Advertising Media has access to O&O platforms like Amazon Fire TV Advertising and will reach customers both on and off Amazon at home. With this vast multi-channel reach, it’s no surprise that 59% of brands see a higher ROI on Amazon in comparison to Google and Social Advertising. 49% of these brands increase their ROI x7 using Amazon Advertising Spend.

Amazon provides an efficient advertising ecosystem that creates a smooth product purchase journey for the customer. To maximise your brand’s online presence, contact Shift today.