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What to do Post-Prime Day


Prime Day is much more than just a day itself, but rather a time period of increased traffic, heightened brand awareness and bargain hunting. 

With Summer sales fast approaching, follow the simple steps below to keep the momentum going and make sure you’re making the most of the post-Prime Day period. 


Don’t Return to Business as Usual 

Whilst traffic spikes significantly on Prime Day, that traffic won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

Keep on top of your budget, keep your ads running and keep in front of those customers who are still searching for deals.


Keep Discounts in Place

Rather than remove your Prime Day deals completely, gradually reduce them instead.

Keeping some discounts and multibuy offers in place will attract those who missed out on the day, but who are still holding out for a good deal.


Take Advantage of Less Competition

With everyone else going back to business as usual at the end of the day, there will be a dramatic reduction in competition for eyeballs and ad space. 

Use this less competitive landscape to drive up your traffic in the following days.


Redirect rather than restock

Don’t rely on one well-performing product. Even if it sells well, by the time you get it back in stock, it might not be as popular.

Direct traffic to similar items and spread sales across your product range with related discounts.


Learn From Your Success

Looking further into the future, use your Prime Day success as a data gathering exercise. 

Ensure that you build upon both your strengths and weaknesses next time round. If you sold out of an item straight away, did you give it too good a discount?