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SHIFT is the leading agency dedicated to delivering business-changing results for our partners. Our team of experts have a wealth of experience and a proven track record of success. Working with some of the world’s most recognisable brands to help them achieve their goals on Amazon.

    • + 45 %
      increase in gross sales
    • + 256 %
      increase in NTB unit sales
    • 5 New
      Global markets
    The team at SHIFT have been a key partner in our brand growth. Bringing expertise, knowledge and support. along with ambition and drive. We could not ask for a better partner.
    Harry SymesThompson
    Marketing Director


    • + 68 %
      increase in profitability (US)
    • + 9 %
      increase in AOV (US)
    • + 38 %
      increase in AOV (UK)
    Supportive, friendly and very hard working, the team at SHIFT have been a key assets to our growth and entry into new markets while delivering impressive and market leading results in existing ones.
    Gardar StefanssonGoodGood
    CEO & Founder


    • 29 %
      reduction in CPC
    • + 408 %
      increase in UK/EU gross sales
    • 8 %
      decrease in ACOS
    SHIFT bring an unmatched level of Amazon trading experience backed up by proven results on the platform.
    Nima SalehiThe Inkey List
    Global Head of Technology

    The Inkey List

    • + 441 %
      increase in gross sales YoY
    • 42 %
      decrease in blended CoS YoY
    • + 81 %
      increase in conversion rate YoY
    SHIFT’s commitment to building partnerships proved we would always be at the forefront of an Amazon category that gets more and more competitive with every day.
    Adam GouldItch


    • + 454 %
      increase in global gross sales YoY
    • + 558 %
      increase in global unit sales YoY
    • + 751 %
      increase in NTB unit sales
    We’ve been working with SHIFT for 3 years, firstly on our initial launch on Amazon UK and now through to helping establish SNEAK as a recognised brand on Amazon globally
    Ashley ReadSneak Energy

    Sneak Energy

Inventory strategy
Paid advertising
Brand growth
Sales and promotions

The Amazon experts

Take your Amazon business to the next level with our fully managed service. Delivering optimisation to every facet of your marketplace. From ads to logistics. Creative to stock management. Let our team of experts unlock the potential of your brand.

Proven experts

Prime talent

These are the people who build the marketplace strategies that work. An expert team, with a proven history of delivering results for leading brands.

  • Steve Berke
    Managing Director
  • Jessica Waters
    Strategy Director
  • Tom Bagnall
    Commercial Director
  • Kirsten Chambers
    Senior Strategy Partner
  • Gaz Battersby
    Creative Director
  • Marc Lupton
    Operations Director
  • Emma Wilkins
    Design Partner
  • Aurelija Jurkoityte
    Strategy Partner
  • Darcey Charlesworth
    Paid Advertising Executive
  • Shane Quigley
  • Matt Riddell
    Strategy Director
  • Katie Healy
    Strategy Executive
  • Eleanor Frith
    Senior Paid Advertising Analyst
  • Robbie Decker
    Advertising Consultant
  • Adam Wilton
    Strategy Director
  • Sam Webster
    Strategy Partner
  • Harry Binns
    Senior Strategy Partner
  • Mariana Almeida
    Creative Executive
  • James Craven
    Senior Paid Advertising Analyst
  • James Buckridge
    Paid Advertising Analyst
  • Joe Rayner
    Senior Paid Advertising Analyst
  • Alex Mackinder
    Senior Strategy Partner
  • Lucy Byard
    Paid Advertising Analyst
  • Hannah Clark
    Senior Strategy Partner
  • Michael Shepherd
    Senior Strategy Partner
  • Chloe Gillings
    Design Partner
  • Amelia Briggs
    Strategy Executive
  • Ben Murphy
    Strategy Partner
  • Cayman Williams
    Strategy Partner
  • Sarah Miles
    Senior Strategy Partner
Building something different

A cultural shift

Delivering results is at the heart of our culture. Supporting and developing our colleagues to try new things and expand their experience. We are always looking for new talent to join the team and if you think you possess a best-in-class attitude get in touch.

Unlock your brand on Amazon

Does your brand
struggle to…

  • Manage stock effectively ahead of peak trading periods

    Accurate and efficient stock management is central to success on the Amazon platform. From demand planning and seasonal forecasting through to shipment creation and reconciliation, we own the full operational process for our partner brands.

  • Produce effective content and creative that converts

    Selling on Amazon shouldn’t mean you lose control of your brand. Our industry leading creative team will ensure you have complete control over how your brand is represented. We will showcase your brand and optimise your product listings in a way that helps customers to make informed decisions, resulting in higher conversion rates and increased sales.

  • Run efficient ad campaigns that deliver results

    Just having a good product isn’t enough. From proactive campaign management and optimisation to considered campaign planning and data driven reporting, an effective paid media strategy is imperative to driving success on Amazon. Our paid media experts have a proven track record of pushing our partners to their full potential.

  • Keep on top of the day to day management and health of your Amazon Seller or Vendor account

    Anyone that has worked with Amazon before will know how time-consuming tasks like raising cases, merging duplicate ASINs and resolving shipping disputes can be. We will take over these tasks and ensure that your account operates as smoothly as possible. Monitoring account health to ensure full adherence to all performance targets and policies is of paramount importance when trading on Amazon. We perform daily health checks across all our partner accounts in order to flag potential issues, identify risks and quickly take the appropriate action.

  • Penetrate new global markets via Amazon

    Expansion into incremental territories is at the heart of our acquisition strategy. We have extensive experience of launching brands into multiple Amazon territories, including the USA, EU and Australian markets. This has enabled us to drive overseas growth, significantly increased revenues and brand awareness for our partners.

Sharing our experience


We don’t do blogs here at SHIFT. But you can still access the latest in thinking from the most experienced minds working on the Amazon platform via our regular LinkedIn posts where you can find us sharing our thoughts and tips on how to succeed on Amazon.

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